Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Terrific Tuesday's Tips and Tricks - The Kiss Method

Welcome Get Inky! fans! It's La-Vie and I'm here to share a stamping tip called the kiss method. Have you ever seen stamp companies sell solid plain rubber stamp shapes and wondered why? Have you gotten a stamp set where you needed to assemble the stamps by removing a solid piece that is supposed to be the throw away item? WAIT! Don't throw that away!! It's a crucial part of your stamp collection. Here's why...

Solid stamps can be used for many things, like coloring in a more detailed stamp in a 2 step process, or creating basic patterns like a scallop with a plain circle. They also can be used to create mirrored images and textured or patterned images using the kiss method.

To achieve this look, I used a hat stamp from the 2013 Holiday set available on Etsy. On the bottom, I stamped it out regular. To turn the hat the other way, I inked the stamp and quickly stamped it on the blank circle. In turn I stamped the circle on the cardstock and voila! the hat is facing the other way. There is an adorable snowman in the set and you could make a lovely pair in this fashion.

My next example involves using a patterned stamp on the blank circle. I inked the circle in pink ink and the random dots in white ink. When I kissed the dots to the circle, it created a textured effect. You can use any background stamps you have to create unique looks with striped polka dots...the sky is the limit. Create your own flair and embellishments to match any project.

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  1. Great tip La-Vie - I especially like the idea of being able to reverse something

  2. Awesome tip!!! Thanks for sharing. ~Tonya GIDT


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