Sunday, November 3, 2013

3-D Holiday inspiration for Challenge 16

Hi, it's Ann from the Design Team and the blog Annmakes.  Today I have this three dimensional paper snowflake ornament to show you.  It is a fun project that requires few supplies and once you have practised making a few of these they are quite easy to make and you just might want to keep making more and more.  The snowflakes also make great gift bows and you can make them with different themed papers and stamps for different occasions.  This one was made from a Snowmen printed one sided scrapbook paper that I stamped, the reverse white side of, with the Holidays 2013 stamp set from Get Inky! and some red and green stamping ink by Stampin' Up!

I started out with a 6 inch square of paper, I stamped in vertical lines using the sayings and smaller images from the stamp set.  Once the ink was dry I cut the paper into strips one half of an inch wide by 6 inches long.  Each snowflake or bow requires 12 strips.  The process involves the weaving of six strips of paper connected to another six pieces of paper woven together.  I got the idea to make these snowflakes from "The Frugal Crafter" and her video tutorial.  I modified the project by using the white side of the paper and the stamps.

I hope that you find this inspiring and take some time to go and GetInky!  Have fun and thanks for stopping by.

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