Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Tip for Stamping

Hi, it's Ann here from the Design Team and the blog: Annmakes.  Today I want to share how I like to do my stamping onto cards and papers.  Over time I have found that working on some sort of cushioned surface gives a better impression.  On my own desk I always work on a desk blotter which has some scrap paper and a non stick craft mat on top.  When I want to stamp some crisp images with my stamps I like to use a mat I made.

 The mat is composed of two sheets of craft foam glued together over which I place the paper I will stamp onto .  I place the paper down on the mat and depending on the size of the stamp (I stand for larger stamps) I get comfortable and ink and stamp.  I also stamp off the left over ink onto a pad of newsprint before cleaning my stamp.  I have noticed that over time the images I stamp using this method tend to come out crisper.  It is just a simple tip but it makes a huge difference.

Now go have some fun with your stamps and Get Inky!

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