Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Whatcha Workin' On Wednesday: Ink Refresher

Hi, so what happens when you are a multi tasking mom with a longer to do list than will actually fill any ready made To Do list?  Well, if you are like me you may walk away from your stamping project and FORGET to close your ink pad for THREE days!   Arrrrggggghhhh!

So after I was done with my Pirate imitation.... I tried to rescue my ink pad with my homemade version of Refresher.  My pad had plenty of ink as I had reinked it  just a few days prior to my forgetfulness, it was just DRY.

It came to my mind that my experience would make for a good little post for today.

Here is a picture of my project with a dried up ink pad and besides that is my project with a refreshed ink pad.

The recipe I used for the Ink Refresher spray is:

In a 4 oz spray bottle
fill with distilled water 3/4 of the way
add 1/2 tsp. glycerin

That's it!  Shake, spritz and voila the ink pad is good as new!

I hope that you find my little disaster to be a good lesson for you!

Have fun, go Get Inky!  And, remember to close your ink pads.

Ann DT. :)

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